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J.P. McDonald

Author J.P. McDonald received a B.A. degree from Marquette University and B.S. from West Liberty State College. Graduate studies at the M.S. level included study at the University of Hawaii and Carnegie Mellon University in the design of control and measurement instrumentation in the departments of electrical engineering physics and chemistry. Postgraduate courses in math at the University of Pittsburgh were followed by a Ph.D. from Fairfax University.

E.O. Bennett

E.O. Bennett, Ph.D. has recently retired as professor of Biology at the University of Houston. He is the author of over 120 research papers in his field. Considered a leading world authority on health aspects of metal-working fluids, he is a fellow of the STLE.

His education includes an A.A. degree from Lamar College and B.S. in biology and chemistry from the University of Houston. He obtained his M.S. in bacteriology at the State University of Iowa Medical School and was awarded his Ph.D. in bacteriology and biochemistry by Baylor University College of Medicine.

Mary Lou Stahl

Mary Lou Stahl, born in 1929, is the third generation of the Mississippi Choctaw who elected not to follow relocation to the Oklahoma reservations. Overcoming poverty, she eventually received a Bachelor of Music degree from Sam Houston State University. She has worked as a classroom teacher and librarian. Since retirement from teaching, Mary Lou has participated in the Houston Intertribal Council, Storytellers Guild, Poetry Society of Texas, and other scholarly and social organizations. A popular speaker on Indian Culture and pioneer experiences, she has enthralled countless adults and children with her stories and demonstrations of Choctaw crafts and has been referenced on the Discovery Channel.

Carl Tant

Carl Tant recently took early retirement from public school teaching after 21 years as a biology teacher and science chair at Angleton Senior High School. He received B.S. and M.S. degrees in biology from the University of Houston and worked in public health bacteriology and industrial research for several years before starting his teaching career. Now devoting most of his time to writing and administration of a plant biotechnology lab, he also continues to teach as a part-time instructor in biology for Alvin Community College.

David Williams

David Williams has taught Jr. and Sr. High school science for 15 years since receiving a B.S. in education from Southern Methodist University. He is currently teaching high school science in Manassas, Virginia while completing a masters degree in chemistry at George Mason University. Lack of a basic introduction to scientific writing inspired this effort to fill a void.

Tonya McKinley, Ph.D.

The author of Growing Orchids on Your Windowsills has been doing just that since she was twelve years old! Years of practical experience with the hobby along with her later educational advancement have enabled her to develop new down-to-earth procedures for growing orchids inexpensively and with minimum time and hassle. Her book, published here on CD, provides step-by-step guidance not only for beginning growers, but also gives practical tips useful for the more experienced. She provides many of her own photographs to illustrate the steps and manipulations needed for success.

Tonya received her B.S. in Biology from Loch Haven University in Pennsylvania. In 1992, she completed her studies for the M.S. in biology from Penn State University. She continued her studies at Clemson University where she was awarded her Ph.D. in plant physiology in 1995 for her research into factors affecting germination of some types of orchid seeds.

Since completing her education, Dr. McKinley has been employed at Concord College in Athens, WV, as Assistant Professor of Biology. Recently she has been promoted to Associate Professor of Biology. By using her own modifications of traditional orchid culture practices, she has had time to continue her hobby with a busy teaching schedule and enjoyment of gardening, needlework, and other crafts. She considers support and sharing of interests with her husband, Rodger C. McKinley, as a major asset in all her work.


Tammy Crask

When 10,000 words is not enough, illustrations by Tammy Crask clarify complexities. Crask, a 1994 graduate of the Art Institute of Houston, has a major in graphic design. Since graduation she has worked as a freelance illustrator and been employed in newspaper and book layout.

Amy Ruedinger

Amy Ruedinger is an honors graduate with a B.S. in art from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She did post-graduate study in Mexico with Victor Cueves de la Mora in San Miguel de Allende and at Belles Artes with Antonio Lopez. Amy has taught art in Houston since 1990, and is a member in the National Art Educators Association. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibits in Madison, Minneapolis, and Houston. She received a 1996 merit award in painting from the NAEA. © 2014