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Biowarfare – An Awesome Fear. It’s History, Technology, and Future

by Carl Tant

Bacteriologist author Carl Tant digs into the mire of scare stories, federal half-truths and censorship to find the facts in peer-reviewed research reports, court decisions and congressional records. This study reveals how the Congress, Nation, and world were mislead into a headlong race to war in Iraq. Here is a reliable reference and translation of scientific lingo into understandable terms. It is a blunt assessment of U.S. policies past and present. Possible diseases are explained and explored. Few are a practical real danger as we have been told. Many defense measures recommended by the administration are unworkable.

Find a multitude of references. The author has even narrowed down the glut of garbage on the internet to a list of reliable truthful sites. Illustrations by Tammy Crask simplify complex concepts for non-scientist readers. Learn how biowarfare is nothing new – it has been used since antiquity.

The theme for biowarfare and bioterrorism is a thread of caution, not panic. The threat is mainly an engineered fear based on lies or scientific ignorance – not reality! Future possibilities for biowarfare and the research leading to them is described.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

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