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Growing Orchids On Your Windowsills

Growing Orchids On Your Windowsills – A Very Basic Guide

by Tonya McKinley, Ph.D.

Yes, it can be done. Orchids on your windowsill! Tonya McKinley has been doing it since she was twelve years old.

Here is a different kind of orchid growing book. The pretty pictures serve a purpose of pointing the way through every simple step along the road to beautiful orchids in your home or office. Many of the methods are the author’s simplifications of complex classic procedures. She developed most by trial and error before she received her Ph.D. in plant physiology from Clemson University in 1995.

Line drawings and slide shows by illustrator Tammy Crask eliminate any questions before they occur. You see exactly in plain English what, where and how to do at little cost what many consider an expensive hobby. One click links between related topics save fumbling through many pages of a hard bound book.

Learn the basics of proper pots, light, water, and the best orchid varieties for beginners. Experienced growers will find a wealth of simple hints to ease their work.

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