Science Books for All

From science project writing help for students and teachers to biotechnology literature reviews for laypersons and unique first person stories, crafts, and ethnomusicology of Native Americans, Biotech Publishing brings highly qualified authors to your side.  Occupational health professionals and workman’s comp attorneys will find specialized help here too.  Just select the categories of your interest to see the details.

Timely titles of technical subjects interpreted for non-specialists will keep you up-to-date:

Biowarfare, An Awesome Fear – Its History, Technology, and Future
Ask Dr. Ape – The Science of Zoopharmacognosy
Awesome Oceans – Advances in Marine Biotechnology
Growing Orchids on Your Windowsills – A Very Basic Guide

Publication on CD is the latest technology of the book industry.

It is especially suitable for what are essentially reference or instructional titles such as the above.  You no longer need to constantly hold a finger in the index and flip pages to find related material.  A single mouse click takes you there!  Adjust the text and illustrations to meet your personal visual needs. Numerous color illustrations do not add to the cost as with hard copy. 


Prices of these titles are a fraction of what they would be if printed.  The forthcoming Awesome Oceans is an awesome example.  It is filled with color photos and would be over 350 pages if printed the old way. 

Links between many related topics in the complex interrelations of the sea make use easy.  The CD is priced at only $79.00; it would be around $200.00 the old way. © 2014